The Writing Services Team at JBC Online Practices What it Preaches

There is something interesting about having a specific expertise that seems to generate a certain behavior regardless of the nature of that expertise. Whether you are a plumber, a painter, a chef, or – in the case of the team at JBC Online – a writer and editor, there seems to be an unwritten rule that says that the area in which we excel professionally must also be the area in which we fail to apply ourselves when the project is for our own benefit.

For example, they say that a leak is most likely to occur in a plumber’s house.  An IT specialist will invariably have computer troubles at home.  A chef will order take-out on a regular basis.  You get the point.

JBC online writing services logoWhen a project is being completed for a client, the JBC Online writing services team goes to great lengths to ensure that we always provides exactly what a client is seeking. This includes well written content, with accuracy of information and language skill.

However, until recently, the same could not be said about the writing services that the company was providing for itself. Take this blog, for example. Though it was generating solid search engine results when it was being maintained on a regular basis, it was left neglected for quite a number of months when the team became exceptionally busy with projects.

Similarly, although the JBC Online website was in dire need of rewriting and repairs, it was not overhauled until this summer, simply because it was our own.

If you have been following the activity of the company, you will likely have noticed a change in our strategy. We are now far more active online as we have returned to practicing what we have been preaching for over ten years.  After all, content can’t simply be created, abandoned, and expected to perform for many years.  It needs to be kept fresh and relevant.

Instead of simply providing high quality, search engine optimized (SEO) web content exclusively for our clients and customers, our new online and mobile strategy has now been resuscitated and has re-established our presence on Google, in the blogosphere, and in social media.  This is exactly what we have been providing for our clients over the years and now we have returned to our efforts to do the same for our own company.  After all, we know what we’re doing.  Why not take this opportunity to show you?

Our team of experts knows exactly how to create well-written, accurate, and engaging content, and are now proudly demonstrating that we believe in it strongly enough to practice what we preach. We have every faith in the quality of the services that we provide and we stand behind every one of them. Now, for several months, we have stopped neglecting our own online presence and marketing strategy, and are back to share with you, once more.

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Your SEO Strategy Needs Social Media

As you’ve been researching your SEO strategy, you’ve likely come across the same advice time and time again: you need to use social media to do the job right.  But how do you go about doing this properly without wasting all of your time and causing yourself a tremendous amount of frustration?

Use the following tips to help you use Facebook, Twitter, and other sites to your best advantage, without losing your mind in the process.

  • Give your readers lots of interesting and useful content.  Whether you’re posting on a social networking site, creating and SEO blog, or even adding a video to YouTube, it’s important that you make it worth your site visitor’s time.
    If you’re not sure what to create, try to put yourself in your site visitor’s shoes.  What are you seeking?  What questions do you have?  What are your problems that need solutions?  Now it’s time to write some content that provides information and answers about those topics.
  • Keyword optimize your social media content.  Perform quality research to find out the best keywords that your prospective customers would use to find your website.  Then, use them in an organic way within the text of your website or your social media posts.
  • Interconnect your posts with your website and other forms of social media.  Use each form of social media, post a link to your blog or other social media posts. This makes sure that any of your followers will have access to anything that you post and won’t miss a word.  It also offers more ways for your followers to share your links.
  • Measure your SEO successes through social media marketing.  A tool such as Google Analytics can give you a great opportunity to have a look at the sources of your internet traffic, which pages on your website are most viewed, how long your visitors spend there, and other important information.
  • Obtain the assistance of a professional.  Expert SEO online writing services can take over the content creation task for you, so that you don’t have to struggle to come up with new topics, to find the time to actually write them, or to learn how to properly integrate your keywords.

At a time when search engine optimization and quality content writing is so important, it is vital that you take advantage of the most effective and inexpensive opportunity that the internet has to offer to boost your traffic and your revenues.  It’s time to build social media into your SEO strategy mix.

SEO Must Be Reader-Friendly for a Top Google Rank

Any expert SEO online writer will tell you that Google is always evolving and improving itself so that it can continue to offer its searchers more useful and relevant results to their queries.

Among the more recent developments that are impacting search engine optimization is the advent of the Google +1 button.  What this feature ensures is that actual human readers will play a role in the success of a page to achieve a top query page rank.

Though there have already been a large number of reasons that SEO strategy experts have been advising website owners to ensure that their content would appeal to human readers and not just search engine crawlers, the +1 button is directly solidifying this recommendation.

This feature steps up the influence of backlinking by making it exceptionally simple for a page’s traffic to use – whether or not the individuals have their own websites.  Visitors to a site or to a page can use the button to “vote” – that is, to indicate that they like a site in some way.

Remember, even if you put all of your SEO writing effort into choosing the right keywords and working them into your text using the right density, unless you make it worthwhile for actual reading, you won’t achieve that added human element that it will take to boost your site to that top Google rank.

What can you do to make sure that you’re creating content that will continue to work within your SEO strategy?  Start writing something that people will find valuable!  Don’t just write the same thing that will be found everywhere else online.  Make your site stand out.  Say something interesting that is related to your topic and keyword.

Avoid producing spam at all costs, as this will now lead to penalties in multiple ways.  If it isn’t caught by crawlers, causing you to be blackballed, then it will at least mean that it will not achieve any Google +1 button clicks.

If you are uncertain as to how to do this, it is advised that you hire a good quality online writing services company that will team you with a writer who knows the latest rules and how to effectively apply them.  This expert will be able to provide your readers with valuable information-packed content that will not only keep them coming back for more, but it will also help to boost your +1 button clicks.

Your SEO strategy will be a winner both ways!  You will achieve a better Google rank to encourage more traffic, and once the visitors read the content on your site, they will receive your message and will register, click, or shop – whatever your goal happens to be in the first place.

4 Reasons That An SEO Content Writer’s Work is Never Done

When you’ve decided to begin writing SEO content for your website, you should know that you’re not just dedicating a few hours or even a couple of days.  If you want to do it right and continue to benefit from it, you’re in it for the long-term.

There are several reasons for this fact:

  1. Google and other search engines prefer fresh content.  You’ll need to add to or update your content in order to keep yourself at the top of the ranks.
  2. There are multiple techniques to be used.  Though you may be adding articles or other SEO content to your website, any writer for an online writing services company will tell you that this is merely the start.  Blogs, social networking, press releases, and off-site articles will also be a vital part of your search engine optimization campaign.  It takes time to keep up with all of these different elements.
  3. Your site visitors need something new to see.  Remember that your SEO isn’t just for search engines.  Once your human visitors find you, you need to make sure that they will continue to read what you have posted and – hopefully – act on what you have suggested; such as by making a purchase or signing up for a free trial.
  4. The rules are always changing.  Not only do you have to keep up with posting content that is always fresh, but you also need to make sure that you’re doing it with the latest strategies in mind.  What works today may change tomorrow as the search engines alter and refine their algorithms to provide increasingly relevant results.  If your old posts don’t cater to that anymore, then your new ones will have to pick up the slack.

Unless you have a great deal of extra time, writing skill, and knowledge of the latest keyword optimization and other SEO techniques, most experts would recommend that you look into an online writing services company that will help you to keep up with your steady need for fresh content.

The Importance of One Online Writing Service to Your IMC

While IMC, that is, integrated marketing communications, has been around for about as long as internet marketing, branding, and other advertising and promotions that require consistency, never has it been more important than with social media marketing.

IMC requires you to coordinate all of your marketing efforts so that it remains consistent throughout.  It gives your business a kind of “personality” so that every representation of your organization has the same feeling to your customers.

To start, it will mean that you use the same colors, fonts, logos, and even industry terms.  That’s fine for ads, but what about social media marketing?  Now that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites are so integral to an effective marketing and SEO strategy, it’s important to understand how it works with IMC.

Indeed, the old rules still apply, but since social media requires regular posting and even responses to posted comments from readers and followers, you will need to take your integrated marketing one step further.  Your Facebook and Twitter posts, for example, should feel like they’re coming from an individual.  That individual is your business.

Therefore, if you’re using this posts or blogs for your SEO efforts and are hiring an online writing service company, then you might want to consider requesting the same people, or even the same person, every time.  If your posts are being continually written by the same person, it will give your company that feeling of consistency that is so important to effective IMC.

Even if you’re hiring an SEO writing company that employs a large team of writers, be sure to find out who is specifically providing your posts, and make sure that when you find someone whose style you like, you continue to hire that specific individual to maintain the “personality” of your company throughout your social media marketing.

Let Google Instant Pages Reward Your Website’s SEO Strategies

Though you’ve always known that you want to get into the top ranks (plural) in search engine results pages, Google has just made an announcement that is going to make you want the number one position (singular) more than ever.

At the Inside Search event this month, Google unveiled its new Instant Pages feature – among others – that has rocked the SEO world.  This search engine giant will now be rewarding websites that have properly managed their SEO, but only when they reach that coveted top spot.

Google Instant Pages will provide the searcher with an instantaneous access to the top website, even if its link hasn’t been clicked. It has been designed to provide the top websites with greater rewards for being the sites worthy of the number one ranking, while making searching more convenient for the user.

What does this mean to you?  It means that your SEO strategy is going to need to be stepped up a notch in order to compete with others who aren’t just looking to get ranked, but who also want that number one spot.  Once you reach that lead position, you will also need to keep up your efforts in order to maintain it.

If your site can take advantage of Instant Pages, it has the potential to be immediately viewed by thousands, if not millions of people who have performed a query using your targeted keyword.  Your site will be preloaded for your traffic, allowing them to begin to use it, even before they chose to click the search results link.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to learn the new rules for a successful SEO strategy and find out what content, keywords, and writing styles you need to use achieve that uppermost rank.

Skip the trial and error and get your search engine optimized content moving with an expert SEO online writing services company that already has the latest tips for website optimization.

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