Launching a Book Cover – Getting a Reader to Look Inside!

Launching a Book Cover – Getting a Reader to Look Inside!.

Check out the importance of book cover design and see the new “Unexpected Peril” cover for Tianna Holley’s upcoming novel, the third in the Alissia Roswell Series.

Am I Lost in a Fictional World?

How much should an author be lost in his or her creative writing?  Check out this article:

Am I Lost in a Fictional World?.

The 7 Best Must-Read Young Adult Book Series

The 7 Best Must-Read Young Adult Book Series.

The 7 Best Must-Read Young Adult Book Series

The Discovery Spot

If you love YA novels, then these are the series that you can’t miss.

The young adult fiction genre has been adding some awesome books to personal, public, and ebook library shelves. Both stand-alone and series books have been taking off explosively!

It’s no wonder why. There have been some fun, unique, and genuinely captivating reads tossed into the mix over the last while. Readers of all ages are grabbing hold of the latest in young adult fiction at the same time that they reach back through the decades and centuries to some of the classics that are timeless enough to keep their audiences entranced.

Check out this list of young adult series favs. Obviously, this is far from a complete list. It is just a mention of the top few that are making waves in today’s reading scene based on results from sources like Goodreads, Google, Amazon, and others.

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To shut-up or not to shut-up?

This is a powerful blog post about marketing, written by author Amanda Giasson about the importance of knowing when to market and advertise, and when to back off.

There is a fine line between drumming up hype and driving people away.  Check this out:

To shut-up or not to shut-up?.


Becoming a Writer Who Reads

fiction reading perspective book series As a businessperson, I tend to think of other professional writers as “the competition”.  As a fiction writer and author, that situation is not the same.  Authors of novels and of a great book series are not competition, they are community.

Failing to realize this and holding oneself back from reading the works of others not only limits your enjoyment in life (because there is some truly great fiction out there), but it also holds back your skill and your imagination.

Check out my own experience in returning to reading after a solid year of writing: Becoming a Writer Who Reads.

My Dream is Coming True…I’m Terrified!

My Dream is Coming True…I’m Terrified!.

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