Should Your SEO Content be Country-Specific?

As you create your SEO content, you may be wondering whether you should be writing in a way that is specific to your country or even to an area more local than that, such as a province or state, or a even a city.  The answer is completely up to you.  It depends on your target market.

Remember that as you do your keyword research, you need to understand who you are trying to reach (other than the search engines, of course) and how much competition you have for any potential word or phrase. There are many online tools that can help you to perform this task effectively; some free, others paid.  You may also choose to hire an SEO service that can provide you with some useful suggestions.

If you do happen to decide to make your keyword optimization location-specific, don’t forget that it’s not just the targeted word or phrase that counts, but also the language you use.  If you are hoping to attract visitors and followers from Canada, for example, then writing with spelling and slang from the United States won’t be as effective as creating content that is written in the local tongue.

That being the case, you must be very careful when you hire SEO online writing services,  Though it is possible to hire outside your local area and still find a writer who speaks the right dialect of English – or whichever language you happen to be using for your content – you should make sure to receive samples of the writer’s work and pay close attention to your written communications with him or her to be certain that he or she can live up to those claims.

For example, while English in Canada, the United States, and England may seem exceptionally similar, there are some notable differences in common words, expressions, references, slang and spelling that may not stand out to the writer, but it will certainly stand out to the local reader. Though that reader won’t necessarily find this unpleasant at all, it will be noticeable enough to limit his or her ability to relate with your company.  This is especially harmful with blog posts and social media marketing.

Therefore, as you create your SEO content that if your marketing strategy is going to be location-specific, make sure that your writer will be able to speak that local language!


Is Your SEO Content Being Used By Your Site Visitors?

You’ve learned that quality is critical to your SEO content on your website, blog, social media, and other forms of online marketing.  You’ve been carefully working your keyword optimizing and other strategies around it and have been working hard to make sure that your posts would provide some value to your followers.
But how do you know if it’s actually being used?  The answer is simple.  Use this SEO quality content checklist!

  • Are your click through rates (CTR) for the content high enough?  If you’re getting great ranks but you have weak click throughs, then you may either have metadata that is relevant to the keyword, or the preview of your website isn’t interesting to search engine users.  Find out and make changes to start testing to improve the click through rate
  • Are visitors spending any time on your pages?  Check your bounce rate.  Are people finding your site, but turning around and leaving as soon as they get there? Use an analytics tool to learn these numbers.  If your bounce rate is too high, start testing changes in content to make it more appealing and to encourage people to stick around.
  • Are your readers posting your links on social network sites? Just as you are using SEO social media marketing, you can also check to see if others are using Twitter and Facebook to spread the message even further. The more your content is shared, the greater your visibility.
  • Is any of your content user-generated? Do your site visitors have the ability to create their own content on your site?  One of the best ways to offer this opportunity to add user content to your site is through comment boxes on blog pages, walls on social media pages, or question-answer widgets.  Forums are also often used by site visitors.  It helps to make the experience more interactive and relevant to the visitor.
  • Is your deeper content being linked? Find out how many people are linking to your sites and what kind of sites are adding those links. This will help you to identify who your readers are and what other information they find relevant.

Once you’ve identified the most used pages through this checklist, don’t forget to learn from it!  What do the wining pages all have in common?  It may help to get the help of an SEO online writing services company to make sure that the successful techniques are being consistently applied and improved throughout your overall efforts.

This will improve your search engine rank, and will ensure that every click you get has greater value to your website.

How to Create Your SEO Social Media Marketing Business Personality

By this point, you’ve discovered that to be successful with SEO, you need to be able to use social media to its fullest potential.  But what many people don’t realize is that there is much more to it than posting some information that is keyword optimized.

In actuality, it is an important part of the completely marketing and branding process and you should be using it to define yourself so that you will not only be appealing to the search engine crawlers, but also to build a relationship with your human readers, who will then “like” or “follow” you and continue to hear what you have to say.

To accomplish this, you need to create a careful balance of the use of keywords with a unique SEO online writing style that will give your reader the feeling that he or she isn’t just speaking with a large faceless company.  Instead, your business should have a consistent personality with which your readers can connect.

Over time, your readers will actually come to feel that your company is someone they know.  This is essential for building their trust.  In that vein, make sure that you are, indeed, trustworthy.  To do so, make sure that your social media business personality does the following:

  • Writes in a consistent, friendly style, preferably by one SEO online writer.  If more than one person must be involved, make sure that they all work together to create a uniform style and language that will continue the “character” of your business personality.
  • Be positive and honest.  Never bash the competition or speak ill of anyone inside your company or outside.  Your business should be represented by an online personality that you would want to meet and with which you would want to spend time.  An angry, negative, or sour personality will only send people away.
  • Only incorporate keywords when they work.  If your intention is to forcing words into your posts just so that you appeal to search engine spiders, then you should stop right now.  Nobody is interested in reading something that was written for a computer program.  You’ll only damage your reputation with these techniques in social media.
  • Choose an online writer with a comfortable style.  Your posts should be professional, but should have a conversational flavor.  Avoid being too formal, sounding like a textbook, or using too much industry jargon.
  • Make your company have a personality that knows how to keep in touch.  Never forget that posting regularly is great for creating SEO content and for keeping your business fresh in the mind of your followers.  Don’t just post a couple of times on Facebook or Twitter and then disappear for a month.  Give them something to talk about!
  • Recognize when you need the help of a professional SEO online writing services company that will be able to provide all of the research, posts, and consistent charismatic personality that you need in your content.

When done properly, your social media business personality will be one that is appealing and attractive to your target market, and will generate a large following for your company.  This is the most effective and cost efficient way to spread the word that you could possibly hope to achieve.

Your SEO Strategy Needs Social Media

As you’ve been researching your SEO strategy, you’ve likely come across the same advice time and time again: you need to use social media to do the job right.  But how do you go about doing this properly without wasting all of your time and causing yourself a tremendous amount of frustration?

Use the following tips to help you use Facebook, Twitter, and other sites to your best advantage, without losing your mind in the process.

  • Give your readers lots of interesting and useful content.  Whether you’re posting on a social networking site, creating and SEO blog, or even adding a video to YouTube, it’s important that you make it worth your site visitor’s time.
    If you’re not sure what to create, try to put yourself in your site visitor’s shoes.  What are you seeking?  What questions do you have?  What are your problems that need solutions?  Now it’s time to write some content that provides information and answers about those topics.
  • Keyword optimize your social media content.  Perform quality research to find out the best keywords that your prospective customers would use to find your website.  Then, use them in an organic way within the text of your website or your social media posts.
  • Interconnect your posts with your website and other forms of social media.  Use each form of social media, post a link to your blog or other social media posts. This makes sure that any of your followers will have access to anything that you post and won’t miss a word.  It also offers more ways for your followers to share your links.
  • Measure your SEO successes through social media marketing.  A tool such as Google Analytics can give you a great opportunity to have a look at the sources of your internet traffic, which pages on your website are most viewed, how long your visitors spend there, and other important information.
  • Obtain the assistance of a professional.  Expert SEO online writing services can take over the content creation task for you, so that you don’t have to struggle to come up with new topics, to find the time to actually write them, or to learn how to properly integrate your keywords.

At a time when search engine optimization and quality content writing is so important, it is vital that you take advantage of the most effective and inexpensive opportunity that the internet has to offer to boost your traffic and your revenues.  It’s time to build social media into your SEO strategy mix.

SEO Must Be Reader-Friendly for a Top Google Rank

Any expert SEO online writer will tell you that Google is always evolving and improving itself so that it can continue to offer its searchers more useful and relevant results to their queries.

Among the more recent developments that are impacting search engine optimization is the advent of the Google +1 button.  What this feature ensures is that actual human readers will play a role in the success of a page to achieve a top query page rank.

Though there have already been a large number of reasons that SEO strategy experts have been advising website owners to ensure that their content would appeal to human readers and not just search engine crawlers, the +1 button is directly solidifying this recommendation.

This feature steps up the influence of backlinking by making it exceptionally simple for a page’s traffic to use – whether or not the individuals have their own websites.  Visitors to a site or to a page can use the button to “vote” – that is, to indicate that they like a site in some way.

Remember, even if you put all of your SEO writing effort into choosing the right keywords and working them into your text using the right density, unless you make it worthwhile for actual reading, you won’t achieve that added human element that it will take to boost your site to that top Google rank.

What can you do to make sure that you’re creating content that will continue to work within your SEO strategy?  Start writing something that people will find valuable!  Don’t just write the same thing that will be found everywhere else online.  Make your site stand out.  Say something interesting that is related to your topic and keyword.

Avoid producing spam at all costs, as this will now lead to penalties in multiple ways.  If it isn’t caught by crawlers, causing you to be blackballed, then it will at least mean that it will not achieve any Google +1 button clicks.

If you are uncertain as to how to do this, it is advised that you hire a good quality online writing services company that will team you with a writer who knows the latest rules and how to effectively apply them.  This expert will be able to provide your readers with valuable information-packed content that will not only keep them coming back for more, but it will also help to boost your +1 button clicks.

Your SEO strategy will be a winner both ways!  You will achieve a better Google rank to encourage more traffic, and once the visitors read the content on your site, they will receive your message and will register, click, or shop – whatever your goal happens to be in the first place.

The Importance of One Online Writing Service to Your IMC

While IMC, that is, integrated marketing communications, has been around for about as long as internet marketing, branding, and other advertising and promotions that require consistency, never has it been more important than with social media marketing.

IMC requires you to coordinate all of your marketing efforts so that it remains consistent throughout.  It gives your business a kind of “personality” so that every representation of your organization has the same feeling to your customers.

To start, it will mean that you use the same colors, fonts, logos, and even industry terms.  That’s fine for ads, but what about social media marketing?  Now that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites are so integral to an effective marketing and SEO strategy, it’s important to understand how it works with IMC.

Indeed, the old rules still apply, but since social media requires regular posting and even responses to posted comments from readers and followers, you will need to take your integrated marketing one step further.  Your Facebook and Twitter posts, for example, should feel like they’re coming from an individual.  That individual is your business.

Therefore, if you’re using this posts or blogs for your SEO efforts and are hiring an online writing service company, then you might want to consider requesting the same people, or even the same person, every time.  If your posts are being continually written by the same person, it will give your company that feeling of consistency that is so important to effective IMC.

Even if you’re hiring an SEO writing company that employs a large team of writers, be sure to find out who is specifically providing your posts, and make sure that when you find someone whose style you like, you continue to hire that specific individual to maintain the “personality” of your company throughout your social media marketing.

JBC Online Writing Services Launches New Website Forms

The JBC Online writing services website has updated its forms so that asking a question, requesting a quote, and ordering a package is faster and easier.

Now, you have more room to outline precisely what you need, but in fewer steps.  Within a few short moments, JBC Online writers will receive your request and will contact you (by way of the email address you’ve provided) with the information you need about writing, editing, and translation.

This is important, because your time is valuable!  The faster you can complete the form and send it in, the more quickly you can receive your reply so that a professional online writer can begin your press release, SEO website content, or even blog posts.

The website is undergoing a number of changes and will be offering a series of new services, packages, and discount opportunities throughout the summer.  Don’t forget to visit frequently to stay posted on all of the latest news from JBC Online writing services, and the industry as a whole.

Until next time!

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