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We’d just like to thank everyone who participated in the JBC Online Summer to Beat Cancer. It was a tremendous success!!!

Julie Campbell’s hair was chopped on September 23, 2011, and the 12 inches of ponytail were donated to the “Beautiful Lengths” program so that a woman fighting cancer could have a wig.

Friends, family, and clients also helped raise $525 in donations for the Canadian Cancer Society.

We were also proud to have received some attention from a great cancer insurance and news site: The difference everyday people are making in the fight to beat cancer

We look forward to continuing to make a difference this year.

Getting 12 inches chopped for a good cause

New hair cut and a ponytail to donate for wigs for women fighting cancer











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JBC Online Writing Services Summer to Beat Cancer Reaches Final Week

JBC Online writing services is pleased to announce that its Summer to Beat Cancer charitable event has seen a season of enormous successes.  As it enters its final week, it is thrilled to know that it will not only be benefiting cancer patients with wigs, but it will also be reaching – and hopefully beating – its $500 goal for the Canadian Cancer Society.

The event has been ongoing since the first day of summer this year, and Julie Campbell, the owner of JBC Online writing services, will be cutting off her hair on the last day of the event, the first day of Autumn, September 23, 2011.  The hair will be donated to the “Beautiful Lengths” program run by Pantene, which uses donated hair to make wigs which are then provided to women who are undergoing cancer treatments and have lost their own hair.

This cause is very near to Ms. Campbell’s heart.  Though it is the first time that she is chopping her locks for cancer, it is not the first time that she has run a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.  It is her hope – and that of the entire JBC Online team – that this fundraiser will surpassthe amazing success seen during the first event.

The Summer to Beat Cancer fundraiser has already reached 89 percent and still has four days left before its completion.  Loyal customers of the SEO online writing services company have been coming together to take advantage of packages that will increase the charitable donations even further.

The latest information about the hair cutting event and the fundraiser will be posted on the official SEO online writing company website, as well as on the official JBC Online Summer to Beat Cancer Facebook page, and at the event page at the Canadian Cancer Society.

The fundraiser continues to welcome donations, and will continue to strengthen its efforts to build them over the remainder of the last week of what these online writers hope will be the summer to beat cancer.

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