I Don’t Download Pirated Ebooks, I Have a Library Card

Very good points made here. Piracy isn’t just hurting big corporations. It’s hurting small and independent authors who are struggling to make a living. Library cards offer a lot of the same free ebooks and books, without the illegal factor.

EnviroTodd's Library

I love free stuff as much as the next guy, but I’ve recently learned a lot about the impact of pirating on the people who actually create the entertainment media that I consume and I’ve gotta say, it’s brutal.

no illigal pirated ebook downloadsIt’s been about five or six years since I swore off downloading illegal stuff.  Before that, I downloaded pirated things all the time.  I didn’t go for the movies that were clearly filmed by some guy with a camera in a movie theater, but I did get a lot of HBO shows and a lot of 80s and 90s sitcoms that I wanted to be able to watch again and again and not just when they were on TV.

Now, I feel pretty guilty about that.  The reason is because I recently talked to an ebook author and found out that they make pennies for every download.  I’m serious.  And print…

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Giving Can Bring Unexpected Gifts in Marketing

The JBC Online writing services team has always been proud to be able to support a number of different charitable causes.  Over the years, the company as a whole, as well as its individual members, have taken part in several efforts to make the world a better place.

JBC Online mobile site QR codeRecently, this effort in caring brought the entire JBC Online team of writers to an event in support of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), called Conservation Chic.  As the team is already taking part in the David Suzuki Foundation Nature Challenge, this fundraiser aligned very well with our concern for the state of the environment, and our hope that it is not too late to make a difference.

Sometimes, supporting an event such as this one isn’t exclusively a matter of showing up and making donations.  As an online writing services company, we also had the benefit of being able to offer free editing services and writing/online marketing advice in the name of a great cause.  To the team, this was its own reward.

However, the world has a fascinating habit of rewarding kindness with kindness.  This was, once again, the case for us.  In gratitude for the assistance that we provided, Heather Church, the highly talented organizer of Conservation Chic, provided JBC Online with the opportunity to add our brochure to the promo table at the event.

From there, the opportunity blossomed even further.  The QR codes that were included on the brochure – and the data analysis regarding the scans of the smartphone-friendly quick response barcodes – spawned an article that was published on a top Google News website.  That QR Code Press article provided online marketing for the fundraiser, JBC Online, as well as for itself (through fresh and interesting content), all because of a circumstance generated by a genuine act of caring.

The lesson to be learned is that mobile and online marketing does have a great deal to do with content generation, search engine optimization (SEO), and linking efforts, but it does not stop there.  A marketing strategy must reach out and be nurtured in positive places to build strong associations, good reputation, and relevance that can be achieved on a broad scale.  Social responsibility should be factored into any marketing mix for a strong ROI and should be considered to be as important as each of the other techniques – from SEO to social media – that are added to the mix.

To learn more about the causes supported by JBC Online and its team members, please visit the official writing services website.

The Writing Services Team at JBC Online Practices What it Preaches

There is something interesting about having a specific expertise that seems to generate a certain behavior regardless of the nature of that expertise. Whether you are a plumber, a painter, a chef, or – in the case of the team at JBC Online – a writer and editor, there seems to be an unwritten rule that says that the area in which we excel professionally must also be the area in which we fail to apply ourselves when the project is for our own benefit.

For example, they say that a leak is most likely to occur in a plumber’s house.  An IT specialist will invariably have computer troubles at home.  A chef will order take-out on a regular basis.  You get the point.

JBC online writing services logoWhen a project is being completed for a client, the JBC Online writing services team goes to great lengths to ensure that we always provides exactly what a client is seeking. This includes well written content, with accuracy of information and language skill.

However, until recently, the same could not be said about the writing services that the company was providing for itself. Take this blog, for example. Though it was generating solid search engine results when it was being maintained on a regular basis, it was left neglected for quite a number of months when the team became exceptionally busy with projects.

Similarly, although the JBC Online website was in dire need of rewriting and repairs, it was not overhauled until this summer, simply because it was our own.

If you have been following the activity of the company, you will likely have noticed a change in our strategy. We are now far more active online as we have returned to practicing what we have been preaching for over ten years.  After all, content can’t simply be created, abandoned, and expected to perform for many years.  It needs to be kept fresh and relevant.

Instead of simply providing high quality, search engine optimized (SEO) web content exclusively for our clients and customers, our new online and mobile strategy has now been resuscitated and has re-established our presence on Google, in the blogosphere, and in social media.  This is exactly what we have been providing for our clients over the years and now we have returned to our efforts to do the same for our own company.  After all, we know what we’re doing.  Why not take this opportunity to show you?

Our team of experts knows exactly how to create well-written, accurate, and engaging content, and are now proudly demonstrating that we believe in it strongly enough to practice what we preach. We have every faith in the quality of the services that we provide and we stand behind every one of them. Now, for several months, we have stopped neglecting our own online presence and marketing strategy, and are back to share with you, once more.

Please visit blog site often (following via email is the easiest way to make sure you don’t miss anything) and check us out at our homepage at www.jbconline.ca, at Facebook (don’t forget to click “like”), and on Twitter (we welcome new followers).

The People You Know are Making a Difference – Help Them

I usually use the space on this blog to talk about various topics of interest and relevance that are directly connected with JBC Online writing services.  However, I’m going to take a little break from that theme to discuss something that is close to my heart and that has been a central part of the growth of the company: charity.

Before you roll your eyes and say “oh, here we go again” to yourself, please be patient.  I am about to make a point and it is one that is very important to me.  In fact, it is likely already very dear to you, too.

We’ve all become a little bit jaded to the term “fundraiser” because we are being continually hounded for cash in an economy that is only just clawing its way back to life.  With ever-increasing bills to pay, I can admit that I have felt both frustration, and downright anger when a charity telemarketer has phoned me and asked me to shell out, yet again.

They are not moments that bring me pride, but they happen . They likely happen to us all (I tell myself that so that I can sleep at night).

And yet, through all of the financial struggles, constant hounding for money, and very busy lives and schedules, I think that there is something else that we all have in common.  It is that we know terrific, dedicated people who haven’t given up and who want to continue to make a difference.

The JBC Online team has done our best to support those individuals.  They are the people that make things happen and they are the ones that bring out the best in the rest of us.

Back when the company first began, more than ten years ago, I was very proud when we were able to provide support with rescued Golden Retriever seniors by becoming foster buddies with them.  We took on the David Suzuki Nature Challenge and, to this day, are keeping up a minimum of three of the requirements at all times. There were tougher times when we could scrape together only $5 to show our support for a friend growing a mustache for Movember, and there have been better times when we could make a larger contribution to the Canadian Cancer Society.

What that has taught me is that even when it doesn’t look like the belt can get any tighter, there is always a little bit of money – no matter how small – that can be given to help others.  But it takes those dedicated fundraising individuals to encourage us to dig into our pockets and find those extra coins so that we can hand them over to those who need it even more than we do.

A few years ago, I joined the noble group of fundraisers and held “Spinach for Popeye”, an event held in honour of a family member who had testicular cancer for the second time.  It took some work, but the (very) generous donations of friends, families and JBC Online clients brought in much needed money for the Canadian Cancer Society.  It was one of the most touching experiences I had undergone in my life.  A year later, I held a second fundraiser, the “JBC Online Summer to Beat Cancer“, for the same charity, and donated my hair for wigs for cancer patients through the Beautiful Lengths program.  The support and donations that were generated through that event gave me one of the most moving experiences in my life.  Before that time, I’d known the importance of doing my part, but not to such a profoundly emotional degree.

This year, in June, JBC Online writer, Amanda Giasson, who is also my closest friend, donated her own hair and raised more than $500 for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Incidentally, her fundraiser, “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow“, is still accepting donations, if you’re feeling generous.

Conservation Chic WWF FundraiserNow, another friend has started her own event.  Heather Church will be holding a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) fundraiser featuring local wines and cheeses, with live music performed by the Mike Field Jazz Band.  There will be raffles and a silent auction, as well.  This Conservation Chic event will be held on Sunday, September 8  from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the Mad For Dance, a dance studio at 263 Adelaide St. West.  It is the perfect way to complete the evening before or after enjoying a movie as a part of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), as it is located right around the corner from the TIFF headquarters.

I will certainly be doing what I can to support this well designed event, which is, of course,  for a wonderful cause.  Most of us have a few dollars to spare, especially if we’re already attending one of the TIFF films. It is a chic, fun way to do our part for making the world a better place – something that the majority of us simply don’t do often enough.

It’s up to us to support people when they do us the very important favour of reminding us that we can – and should – make a difference, too.

Please feel more than welcome to drop in to Conservation Chic – regardless of whether or not you will be heading to the TIFF – and enjoy some wine, cheese, and jazz while you help Heather to raise much needed funds for the WWF.  If you can’t attend that event, try to remember how important charity fundraisers are the next time one of your friends posts their efforts on Facebook.

You may not have thousands to donate, but you can “share” a link to spread the word, you can give your words of encouragement, and if you dig deeply enough into your wallet, you may find a few extra dollars that you can spare for a cause that needs them much more than you do. Every little bit does count.

Thank you for reading.  I hope you’re glad you did. Please share this message with friends who can benefit from it.

More JBC Online Writing Posts Coming Soon

It’s been a while, but the JBC Online writing blog will be updated more frequently again, soon.

We’d just like to thank everyone who participated in the JBC Online Summer to Beat Cancer. It was a tremendous success!!!

Julie Campbell’s hair was chopped on September 23, 2011, and the 12 inches of ponytail were donated to the “Beautiful Lengths” program so that a woman fighting cancer could have a wig.

Friends, family, and clients also helped raise $525 in donations for the Canadian Cancer Society.

We were also proud to have received some attention from a great cancer insurance and news site: The difference everyday people are making in the fight to beat cancer

We look forward to continuing to make a difference this year.

Getting 12 inches chopped for a good cause

New hair cut and a ponytail to donate for wigs for women fighting cancer











More soon!

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