I Don’t Download Pirated Ebooks, I Have a Library Card

Very good points made here. Piracy isn’t just hurting big corporations. It’s hurting small and independent authors who are struggling to make a living. Library cards offer a lot of the same free ebooks and books, without the illegal factor.

EnviroTodd's Library

I love free stuff as much as the next guy, but I’ve recently learned a lot about the impact of pirating on the people who actually create the entertainment media that I consume and I’ve gotta say, it’s brutal.

no illigal pirated ebook downloadsIt’s been about five or six years since I swore off downloading illegal stuff.  Before that, I downloaded pirated things all the time.  I didn’t go for the movies that were clearly filmed by some guy with a camera in a movie theater, but I did get a lot of HBO shows and a lot of 80s and 90s sitcoms that I wanted to be able to watch again and again and not just when they were on TV.

Now, I feel pretty guilty about that.  The reason is because I recently talked to an ebook author and found out that they make pennies for every download.  I’m serious.  And print…

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About Julie B Campbell
Julie B. Campbell is a fiction author and freelance writer living in Canada. She is the the co-author of a published and soon-to-be top-selling fantasy young adult book series called Perspective (Book 1: "Love at First Plight"), along with co-author Amanda Giasson. Julie has previously written children's books such as "The Elephant-Wolf" and "Finding Manda's Sunshine". She owns her own professional writing services company called JBC Online, which was founded in 2002. Julie is also a rosacea sufferer and blogs about the subject, including topics such as natural rosacea treatments and her success with red light therapy and amber light therapy. Follow on Google+

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