Being a Guest Author for the First Time

Being a Guest Author for the First Time.

DEAR Day at Humberwood Downs JMA was a hit with authors Amanda Giasson and Julie B Campbell.  The school should be proud of its respectful, friendly students and staff and the priority that it places on literacy.


I Don’t Download Pirated Ebooks, I Have a Library Card

Very good points made here. Piracy isn’t just hurting big corporations. It’s hurting small and independent authors who are struggling to make a living. Library cards offer a lot of the same free ebooks and books, without the illegal factor.

EnviroTodd's Library

I love free stuff as much as the next guy, but I’ve recently learned a lot about the impact of pirating on the people who actually create the entertainment media that I consume and I’ve gotta say, it’s brutal.

no illigal pirated ebook downloadsIt’s been about five or six years since I swore off downloading illegal stuff.  Before that, I downloaded pirated things all the time.  I didn’t go for the movies that were clearly filmed by some guy with a camera in a movie theater, but I did get a lot of HBO shows and a lot of 80s and 90s sitcoms that I wanted to be able to watch again and again and not just when they were on TV.

Now, I feel pretty guilty about that.  The reason is because I recently talked to an ebook author and found out that they make pennies for every download.  I’m serious.  And print…

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Launching a Book Cover – Getting a Reader to Look Inside!

Launching a Book Cover – Getting a Reader to Look Inside!.

Check out the importance of book cover design and see the new “Unexpected Peril” cover for Tianna Holley’s upcoming novel, the third in the Alissia Roswell Series.

I’m a Second Author, not a Secondary One!

The experience of Julie B. Campbell, co-author of “Love at First Plight” of the Perspective book series, who just happens to have her name listed second on the cover of the novel…

I’m a Second Author, not a Secondary One!.

I’m not Ashamed to Say I’ve Cosplayed

Be yourself.  Be a good writer.  Be a great person!

I’m not Ashamed to Say I’ve Cosplayed. by Amanda Giasson

Am I Lost in a Fictional World?

How much should an author be lost in his or her creative writing?  Check out this article:

Am I Lost in a Fictional World?.

The 7 Best Must-Read Young Adult Book Series

The 7 Best Must-Read Young Adult Book Series.

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